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Invest With Manny

Invest With Manny To Get Double Digit Returns on Your Money!

Banks today are paying 1% annual returns to your savings account, while your retirement accounts are providing lackluster, if not, negative annual returns. 

Invest with ME and get DOUBLE DIGIT RETURNS secured by premium real property. We invest in a variety of projects to include, but not limited to Fix and Flips, Short Term Rentals, Development (Self Storage, RV Park, Glamping sites, Townhomes), and Commercial Real Estate.

How It Works: I NEVER receive any money directly from you! Any funding you provide will go directly to the Attorney or Title Company processing that particular project. 

Our arrangement will be similar to one you might have with the mortgage company of your house. We agree on the amount borrowed, How much monthly payments will be, what percent % of interest you will make, and when the loan needs to be paid back in full.

The above terms agreement is a document called a PROMISSORY NOTE with your investment secured against the property in a DEED OF TRUST. Both of these documents are recorded with the county by the Attorney or Title Company so you are protected!

Make MONEY With Manny today!

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