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Real Estate is our passion and being able to help homeowners who thought they had no options or simply want convenience is a bonus.

HOMEOWNER SOLUTIONS Provided: Realtor services. No Equity. Needs Repair. Fast and convenient sale. Preforeclosure. Probate. Inherited Homes. Bad Tenants. Tax Liens. Divorce. Vacant Property.


Sell Your House In Augusta, GA – Real Home Solutions

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Can you make money in Real Estate without any money to get started?
 See below how you can make money without having any with Manny!

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Looking for a more involved approach to START MAKING MONEY? Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with Manny now!  Our network is looking to teach people like YOU the tricks of Real Estate investing.  Pick the plan that works for you and schedule TODAY!

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Me and my partners buy houses and businesses NATIONWIDE! We make our money flipping houses and those are becoming harder and harder to find. We can’t be everywhere all at once and this is why WE NEED YOU

Our network is looking for YOU to submit an address or business contact information that meets our criteria. If we’re able to purchase that property or business you get a finders fee of at least $1,000. That’s it! You submit an address or business contact with your name and phone number and you will get paid $1,000 or more if we transact on it.

What Types of Homes Are We Looking For?

There are a variety of different types of homes we look at and here they are: We all know that house on our street that doesn’t look like the rest of the homes…maybe it has boarded up windows, overgrown grass, caved in roof, broken windows, etc. 


VACANT – Preforeclosure. Probate. Inherited Homes. Bad Tenants. Tax Liens. Divorce. Vacant Property. Tired Landlords. Won’t Pass Inspections. Realtor Listed Homes That Just Won’t Sell.  


What Type of Business Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for businesses that have been operating for at least 5 years, but preferably 15+ who are generating gross revenues of $500,000-$10,00,000

If you know someone looking to sell because they’re wanting to retire or take a less involved role in the company, but still want to receive compensation from the success of the business let us know and receive a finder’s fee of at least $1,000.

Maybe you know someone who has lost their passion for the business or are forced to resign due to health or other reasons, we want to talk with them and see how we can continue to pay them long into the future from the business.

We only create win-win solutions for the business owners we purchase from and are glad to continue sharing business profits with them and their families for as long as they’d like. 

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