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Secure Funding With Manny

Secure Funding From and Make Money With Manny

Secure your Transactional up to 48 hour double close funding TODAY!

Secure your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) funding RIGHT NOW!

Wholesalers, you no longer need to worry about your deal falling apart at the closing table when sellers see what your assignment fee is. Are REALTORS ensuring your contract isn’t assignable ? Who cares ?! Take advantage of our double close transactional funding and count your profits, while getting ready for the next deal.

Transactional Funding How It Works: When your end buyer deposits their closing funds in escrow with the Attorney or Title Company, we will transfer all funding to close out your A to B contract. Soon after closing out your A to B contract, the B to C contract will be closed out using the end buyer’s funds, which is used to pay back the loan.

Earnest Money Deposit Funding How It Works: You will provide the original A to B contract with your comparable homes used to determine After Repair Value. Original contract, Purchase Price, ARV Price, Exit Strategy, Timeline, Title company or Attorney contact information are all required with every EMD Funding request.

Make MONEY With Manny today!

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